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Vinyl Wall Murals
Extremely durable and resistant fabric with fleece backing. Wallpaper's surface is smooth . Compensates for any unevenness of wall very well. Basis weight of 350 g/m2. It provides photo-realistic print quality. It has a hygienic certificate PZH and combustible certificate B1 according to DIN 4102 standard. Designed for use in private homes and commercial premises (offices, conference rooms, gyms, restaurants) and public buildings (schools, kindergartens).

Price: 120 zł /m2 *
Maximum material width (single gore): 124 cm **

Self-adhesive Wall Murals
Ideal for smooth walls. You can also stick it on other smooth surfaces: cabinets, countertops, tables, doors, windows, etc. Material and satin smooth. Basis weight of 136 g/m2.
Price: 90 zł /m2 *
Maximum material width (single gore): 131 cm **

Is made of an innovative material with canvas structure so the application is extremely easy. If mural is stick awry, you can it peel off and stick again. The adhesive does not lose its properties. Vimagio murals do not wither on the walls, so they do not cause damage to the surface and do not leave sticky marks. They can be placed on any flat, clean surface. The installation does not require any additional tools, water or additional glue. VimagioSmart do not curling or torn. The material does not contain vinyl, so it is not possible to shrunk or deform. Basis weight of 145 g/m2.
Price: 130 zł /m2 *
Maximum material width (single gore): 96 cm **

* Without picture's price (the system automatically adds price pictures and gives final value).

** If given wallpapers width is bigger than the maximum width of the material, your wall mural will consist of multiple equal segments.