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Magnets are used to cover magnetic metal surfaces such as refrigerators and dishwashers. The application is very simple, without sticking, you can do it repeatedly without any traces.

A few practical tips before purchasing:

Magnets are applied to metal surfaces so skip the measurement of plastic components, such as moldings.

Magnets does not bent at a large angle, so while ordering donot include measurements of the sides of the refrigerator door (only flat surfaces).

Magnets can be cut with normal scissors of sharp knife to make the opening for the handle or the display.

Magnets adjust to the delicate bulges, as the manufacturer's logo. It looks great on both: flat and curved door refrigerators (and those with delicate grooves on the front).

Magnet is easy to put it on and take off. Because it is a magnetic, you can remove it and apply as often as you like.

Easy cleaning. Print is protected by a resistant laminate, so the magnets can be cleaned up with a damp cloth.

At the individual dimension. Magnets are made exactly the size you need.

Cover scratches and dents.

Excellent gift idea. Do your loved ones a big surprise. Simply send us the measurement of the refrigerator.